Modern cattle farming
Guarantees in the field of health and quality
Balanced feed
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Cattle Farming

Vilatca is responsible for the sale and purchase of cattle of the Belgian white-blue breed of the female sex. The cattle farming takes place both under own management and in collaboration with external cattle farms. The adult bovine animals are being held during a minimal follow-up period to offer our customers guarantees in terms of health and quality. 

The automatic control exceeds the statutory regulations:

  • Production according to the Generic Specifications Beef (Belbeef): growth enhancers prohibited; meat free of antibiotics; control by internationally accredited inspection companies.
  • Each bovine is individually monitored.
  • Certification GVP for the veterinarians.
  • Certification GMP for the animal feed suppliers.
  • Sanitel-circuit: perfect traceability throughout the entire production chain. 

For more information see certifications.

Integrated approach

The whole production chain of purchase, fertilizing, food, transport, slaughtering, cutting up to meat transport, is operated by Vilatca and its sister companies. With this Vilatca generates a unique advantage in the field of tracing and flexibility and this in the entire chain.  

The integrated approach promotes a sense of trust between the cattle farmers, the suppliers, the wholesale distribution, the retail and the eventual consumer.

Vilatca delivers high-quality cattle and can, through high standardization, guarantee safety, quality and full traceability.

The worldwide known race is a guarantee of quality.

Vilatca greatly values animal welfare