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BFA-Sampling program

Control of raw materials for undesirable substances (heavy metals, pesticides, PAK’s, PCB’s, dioxins, mycotoxins), microbiological parameters.

I&R (Identification & Registration), Sanitel and Beltrace

Epidemiological monitoring and traceability in one database.


Meat inspection ante and post mortem in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

Internal monitoring

Company-wide in all the companies of the Sopraco group.


  • IFS (International Featured Standards Food) – Strict standards for food safety.
  • IFS Logistics – International standard for logistic service.
  • ACS – Automatic control system FAVV.
  • HALAL – Ritual slaughtering according to the Islamic regulations.

Controls by external and independent auditors.

Quality labels

  • BCV – Belgian Controlled Veal.
  • SKV – Dutch specifications foundation quality assurance meat calves sector (fully interchangeable with BCV).
  • FEBEV+ – Quality label Federation Belgian Meat for beef (previously Meritus) and pork (previously Certus).